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Publication type: Articles in peer reviewed conference proceedings

Abstract: This work focuses on applications of duplicate detection for managing digital music archives. It aims to make this mature music information retrieval (MIR) technology better known to archivists and provide clear suggestions on how this technology can be used in practice. More specifically applications are discussed to complement meta-data, to link or merge digital music archives, to improve listening experiences and to re-use segmentation data. To illustrate the effectiveness of the technology a case study is explored. The case study identifies duplicates in the archive of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, which mainly contains field recordings of Central Africa. Duplicate detection is done with an existing Open Source acoustic fingerprinter system. In the set, 2.5% of the recordings are duplicates. It is found that meta-data differs dramatically between original and duplicate showing that merging meta-data could improve the quality of descriptions. The case study also shows that duplicates can be identified even if recording speed is not the same for original and duplicate.

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