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Publication type: Articles in peer reviewed conference proceedings

Abstract: Before magnetic tape recording was common, acetate discs were the main audio storage medium for radio broadcasters. Acetate discs only had a capacity to record about ten minutes. Longer material was recorded on overlapping discs using (at least) two recorders. Unfortunately, the recorders used were not reliable in terms of recording speed, resulting in audio of variable speed. To make digitized audio originating from acetate discs fit for reuse, (1) overlapping parts need to be identified, (2) a precise alignment needs to be found and (3) a mixing point suggested. All three steps are challenging due to the audio speed variabilities. This paper introduces the ideas behind DiscStitch: which aims to reassemble audio from overlapping parts, even if variable speed is present. The main contribution is a fast and precise audio alignment strategy based on spectral peaks. The method is evaluated on a synthetic data set.

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