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~ Oneliner to Install ssh-copy-id on Mac OS X

ssh-copy-id is a practical bash script, installed by default on Ubuntu. The script is used to distribute public keys. The following oneliner makes it available on Mac OS X:

sudo bash < <( curl --silent http://0110.be/files/attachments/314/install-ssh-copy-id.bash )

This oneliner does three things:

  1. It copies ssh-copy-id from this website to /bin/ssh-copy-id.
  2. It makes sure that ssh-copy-id is executable, using chmod.
  3. There is no three

The install procedure needs superuser rights because it writes in the /bin folder. Executing scripts from untrusted sources with superuser rights is actually really, really, extremely dangerous. But in this case it is rather innocent.

The ssh-copy-id script is the one provided with Ubuntu and Debian, I assume it is GPL’ed. I have not modified it for Mac OS X but it seems to behave as expected. I have only tested the install script and behavior on 10.6.5, YMMV.

~ Digital Music Research Network Workshop - Queen Mary University London

Queen Mary University Logo

Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21th of December I attended two workshops at The Queen Mary University of London: The Machine Listening Workshop and Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop 2010

At the workshop I had an interesting meeting with Dan Tidhar. He researches harpsichord temperament estimation at QMUL. Together they created the Tempest web service where you can upload harpsichord audio and let the system guess the temperament. The process is described in the paper “High precision frequency estimation for harpsichord tuning classification”. Although Tarsos was not officially part of the programme I hijacked the poster sessions to show a live demo of Tarsos with Dan’s dataset.

Another interesting talk was about 2032, a tunable synthesizer with definable Harmonics. It elaborates on the ideas of Sethares about tone scales .