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~ Analytical Approaches To World Music - Microtonal Scale Exploration in Central Africa

At the 2012 AAWM conference we presented a way to explore tone scales in the music of Central Africa. Since the audience consisted of (ethno)musicologists, the main focus of the presentation was on the applicication part, the technical aspects were only briefly mentioned.

The extended abstract can be consulted: Towards the tangible: microtonal scale exploration in Central-African music

The conference program itself was very diverse and interesting.

~ TarsosDSP Release 1.2

Today a new version of the TarsosDSP library was released. TarsosDSP is a small library to do audio processing in Java. It features two new pitch detectors. An AMDF pitch detector, contributed by Eder Souza of Brazil and a faster implementation of YIN kindly provided by Matthias Mauch of Queen Mary University, London.

Pitch Detector in Java

Find your oven fresh baked binaries at the TarsosDSP Release Repository.