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~ JGaborator Updated - Fine grained spectral transforms from Java

I have updated the JGaborator library. The library calculates fine grained constant-Q spectral representations of audio signals quickly from Java. Such spectral transform can be used for visualisation or as a front-end for audio processing or music information retrieval applications.

The calculation of a Gabor transform is done by a C++ library named Gaborator. JGaborator provides a Java native interface (JNI) bridge to that library. Thanks to the recent updates, the library is now automatically unpacked which makes it easy to use on supported platforms (intel macOS and x64 Linux).

The new version of JGaborator now also allows multiple Java threads to call the transform. This has the potential to speed up some audio processing chains dramatically.

The visualisation parts of JGaborator also received light touch-ups. Below a number of screenshots can be seen with of spectral representations of several audio files. If you want to try it yourself download the JGaborator JAR-file. Note that it should work only on intel macOS and x64 Linux with ffmpeg installed on your path. For other environments, please read and follow the JGaborator instructions to get it working.