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~ Bruikbare software voor muziekanalyse

Op dinsdag vier oktober 2011 werd een les gegeven over bruikbare software voor muziekanalyse. Het doel was om duidelijk te maken welk type onderzoeksvragen van bachelor/masterproeven baat kunnen hebben bij objectieve metingen met software voor klankanalyse. Ook de manier waarop werd besproken: soorten digitale representaties van muziek met voorbeelden van softwaretoepassingen werden behandeld.

digitale muziek representatie

Voor de les werden volgende slides gebruikt (ppt, odp):

De behandelde software voor klank als signaal werd al eerder besproken:

  • Sonic Visualizer: As its name suggests Sonic Visualizer contains a lot different visualisations for audio. It can be used for analysis (pitch,beat,chroma,…) with VAMP-plugins. To quote “The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you reach for when want to study a musical recording rather than simply listen to it”. It is the swiss army knife of audio analysis.
  • BeatRoot is designed specifically for one goal: beat tracking. It can be used for e.g. comparing tempi of different performances of the same piece or to track tempo deviation within one piece.
  • Tartini is capable to do real-time pitch analysis of sound. You can e.g. play into a microphone with a violin and see the harmonics you produce and adapt you playing style based on visual feedback. It also contains a pitch deviation measuring apparatus to analyse vibrato.
  • Tarsos is software for tone scale analysis. It is useful to extract tone scales from audio. Different tuning systems can be seen, extracted and compared. It also contains the ability to play along with the original song with a tuned midi keyboard .
  • music21 from their website: “music21 is a set of tools for helping scholars and other active listeners answer questions about music quickly and simply. If you’ve ever asked yourself a question like, “I wonder how often Bach does that” or “I wish I knew which band was the first to use these chords in this order,” or “I’ll bet we’d know more about Renaissance counterpoint (or Indian ragas or post-tonal pitch structures or the form of minuets) if I could write a program to automatically write more of them,” then music21 can help you with your work.”

Om aan te duiden welke digitale representaties welke informatie bevatten werd een stuk van Franz Liszt in verschillende formaten gebruikt: