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~ Constant-Q Transform in Java with TarsosDSP

The DSP library for Taros, aptly named TarsosDSP, now includes an implementation of a Constant-Q Transform (as of version 1.6). The Constant-Q transform does essentially the same thing as an FFT, but has the advantage that each octave has the same amount of bins. This makes the Constant-Q transform practical for applications processing music. If, for example, 12 bins per octave are chosen, these can correspond with the western musical scale.

Also included in the newest release (version 1.7) is a way to visualize the transform, or other musical features. The visualization implementation is done together with Thomas Stubbe.

The example application below shows the Constant-Q transform with an overlay of pitch estimations. The corresponding waveform is also shown.

Constant-Q transform in Java

Find your oven fresh baked binaries at the TarsosDSP Release Repository.
The source code can be found at the TarsosDSP GitHub repository.