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~ OnTracx product launch - a Ghent University sports-tech spin-off

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A couple of days ago, OnTracx launched their first product: a system to measure impact during running with the aim to become ‘The Future of injury-free running’. Next to the launch event itself, OnTracx was featured in the national media as well.

OnTracx is a Ghent University spin-off and their product is based on a couple of scientific studies. I had the chance to collaborate on some of these studies:

As is already clear from the title of the second paper: originally the idea was to use music-based biofeedback as a way to reduce impact. Unfortunately, this feature is not - yet? - present in the commercial project which focuses on the measurement and clearly reporting a proxy to mechanical load. This does make the message focused and is probably a good commercial move. I bought one of the sensors and already tested it out during a 5k-run. I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth on-boarding and the slick, well thought-out, user-friendly app.

Become part of the ‘The Future of injury-free running’ and go and get OnTracx!