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~ Phase Vocoding: Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting with TarsosDSP Java

The DSP library for Taros, aptly named TarsosDSP, now includes an implementation of a pitch shifting algorithm (as of version 1.4) and a time stretching algorithm. Combined, the two can be used for something like phase vocoding. With a phase vocoder you can load an audio snippet, change the pitch and duration and e.g. create a library of snippets. E.g. by recording one piano key stroke, it is possible to generate two octaves of samples of different lengths, and use those in stead of synthesized samples. The following example application shows exactly that, implemented in the java programming language.

The example application below shows how to pitch shift and time stretch a sample to create a sample library with the TarsosDSP library.

Pitch shifting in Java

Find your oven fresh baked binaries at the TarsosDSP Release Repository.