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~ Started at the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities

Gent gemapt
Fig: Gent Gemapt, an recent GhentCDH project.

From the first of October I started at the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities as research software engineer. GhentCDH " engages in the field of ‘Digital Humanities’ at Ghent University, ranging from archaeology and geography to linguistics and cultural studies. GhentCDH develops DH collaboration and supports research projects, teaching activities and infrastructure projects across the faculties".

I will be helping with the many projects they are involved in: ranging form public research valorization to internal research tools. I am sure I will learn a lot by discussing projects with a diverse range of researchers and hope to consolidate my expertise in the area of mulitimedia analysis and annotation in some ways. The current areas of expertise can be found on their website:

A recent GhentCDH project is Gent Gemapt or Ghent mapped ‘an interatcive platform which connects places, historical maps and heritage collections which each other and the wider audience’.