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~ YIN Pitch Tracker in JAVA

To make Tarsos more portable I wrote a pitch tracker in pure JAVA using the YIN algorithm based on the implementation in C of aubio. The implementation also uses some code written by Karl Helgasson and Teun de Lange of the Jazzperiments project.

It can be used to perform real time pitch detection or to analyse files. To use it as a real time pitch detector just start the JAR-file by double clicking. To analyse a file execute one of the following. The first results in a list of annotations (text), the second shows the annotations graphically.

java -jar pitch_detector_yin.jar  flute.novib.mf.C5B5.wav
java -jar pitch_detector_yin.jar  --file flute.novib.mf.C5B5.wav

The provided flute sample is from The Musical Samples library of the University of Iowa and converted to mono wav. The source code of the pitch tracker can be found below.

Update: the Yin implementation in Java has been incorporated into the TarsosDSP project. An open source, Real-Time Audio Processing Framework in Java.