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~ Pitch, Pitch Interval, and Pitch Ratio Representation

To prevent confusion about pitch representation in general and pitch representation in Tarsos specifically I wrote a document about pitch, pitch Interval, and pitch ratio representation. The abstract goes as follows:

This document describes how pitch can be represented using various units. More specifically it documents how a software program to analyse pitch in music, Tarsos, represents pitch. This document contains definitions of and remarks on different pitch and pitch interval representations. For good measure we need a definition of pitch, here the definition from [McLeod 2009] is used: The pitch frequency is the frequency of a pure sine wave which has the same perceived sound as the sound of interest. For remarks and examples of cases where the pitch frequency does not coincide with the fundamental frequency of the signal, also see [McLeod 2009] . In this text pitch, pitch interval and pitch ratio are briefly discussed.